Our History

The Colombo Stockbrokers Association was launched in 1995 initially as a forum of discussion for issues relevant to the industry. These forums also spawned ideas and suggestions for the general development of the industry, which progressed to the CSBA becoming a collective representative voice to regulatory authorities.

As detailed below, our mandate now tasks the CSBA to play an active role in promoting and ensuring professionalism within the industry, in addition to being a proactive stakeholder in the macro-economic development of the country. Today, CSBA deliberates, debates and discusses issues including trends, grievances and challenges as a collective group of professionals, presenting these to the relevant authorities for resolution. The CSBA is the only association in Sri Lanka recognised by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka and the Colombo Stock Exchange as an accredited body representing the stockbroking community.

In a very progressive move, the CSBA has formulated The Principles of Best Practice that promotes the practice of self Discipline among the membership to ensure that best practices in governance, ethics, transparency and accountability are maintained in all spheres of business. This Principles of best Practice is being proposed to be endorsed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka and the Colombo Stock Exchange.
Our Mandate
Be the representative voice for the stockbroking industry, promoting discussion and dialogue on policy and related issues with regulatory authorities and other stakeholders
Make representations on behalf of the membership to the Securities and Exchange and Commission of Sri Lanka, Colombo Stock Exchange and Government and regulatory bodies, promoting, regulating, facilitating and fostering growth among the stockbroking fraternity
Formulate and ensure ethical best business practices via a Code of Conduct to ensure that the membership retains a milieu of ethics, principles and above board business practices in all dealings
Provide training and development based on emerging market trends and challenges for industry practitioners to inculcate a culture of continuous professional development
Promote the stockbroking profession among stakeholders
Prompt and facilitate discussion, dialogue and information dissemination to resolve industry-wide issues
Be thoroughly informed of issues that may impact business and permeate that information to the membership in a timely and cohesive manner
Collate and publish information, data and other news pertinent to the industry to further facilitate a better informed professional stockbroking community